Agribidzpro- harnessing the power of technology to benefit farmers

Agribidzpro is the leading online bidding portal that bridges the gap between the farmer and the buyer and helps trade beyond boundaries. Harnessing the power of technology to benefit local farmers, we simplify the highly complex supply chain process and help farmers/Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) and buyers, while making fair trade more easy.

Our industry-wide experience and focused approach help us excel even in the most intricate nuances of every category, deliver the best solution and address any challenge with higher efficiencies and savings. We create much needed value for everyone involved in a transaction, simply put, value for buyers and sales for farmers. Our exceptional e-commerce platform helps businesses to enhance their production and reach a new height of growth and success by way of RFI (Request for Information) and online auction, while eventually leading to hassle-free buying and selling.

Leveraging technology for the welfare of farmers and buyers

In striving to be the best platform that connects hundreds of farmers to the market, we are committed to deliver value to our customers and maintain trust, respect and openness in all our interconnection. We cater the needs of Traders, Food Processing companies, exporters, Organized Retail Chains and automate the whole purchase process which results in cost savings and transparent transaction. Our customized e-procurement solutions are derived from real-world experience, hence they are simple to use, easily manageable, highly adaptable. Enabling better buying we are committed to offer the best of the best services to connect you with our list of verified suppliers and buyers. Simplifying your key business to business activities, we’ll help maximize your value and make things easier for you, so you can focus your attention on higher value activities.